Videokonferencija, učenika i nastavnika, 4.4.2024.

Videokonferencija, učenika i nastavnika, 4.4.2024.

Minutes of the 1st Team meeting, April 4, 2024 at 5 p.m



Participants: teacher Noelia Gomez, and students of team 5(Natural cosmetic BLOSOOM)




  1. defined company slogans and logos
  2. company presentation


  1. Teacher Noelia Gomez greeted the students and thanked them for participating in the video conference.

Since the meeting is 30 minutes, she invited the students to write their suggestions for slogans in the cell. The students wrote their slogans and the teacher asked them to vote for the best proposal. Mariam Asoufi made the best suggestion from Spain: Fashion with conscience, style with purpose; refresh your look, protect our planet.


To complete the task as soon as possible, it was determined that the company logo should be made by Fatima Zahra.


  1. The teacher explained the next task of team 5, which was to create a presentation in Canva. The teacher showed the example of Stilix, a clothing store. So the students should create the front page, the products of their natural cosmetic BLOOSOM company. and the price list.

Each student should create one page of the presentation.


The link for the joint presentation should be created by the student and placed on the twinboard.

In the next period, when the presentation is finished, one of the students will present the work

in a joint video conference.

at the end, teacher Noelia Gomez thanked the students for their participation.

Satanak finished at 5:30 p.m.



Recorder: Dino Bilosnić, Ekonomsko—birotehnička i trgovačka škola Zadar